Winter fairytale

It didn’t happen very often this winter you could enjoy winter idyll, that’s why pleasure and joy a little bit higher was so much biger and sincere. It was real fairytale.


I’m winter lover, so I enjoyed so so much. And we created this masterpiece. We found real love in the middle of cold and snowy winter. Each its own.

FD2A4764FD2A4762 FD2A49073FD2A4946FD2A4948 5FD2A4862FD2A4918FD2A4922FD2A4927 FD2A4813FD2A48094FD2A4791 FD2A4911FD2A4932We were real attraction for skiers, so we had really fun time. We were also offered to drive (for the first time) with a snowmobiles, for free. Awesome!

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My lovely Maja & Primož… I’m so glad  to met you; you two are such a great couple, always ready for fun, action, try something new or/and crazy, … I love you! And it’s always such a great pleasure to work with you. Love it, love it! 🙂

Thank you. For what you are. And leting me being part of that. *

Love you,





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