Engagement D & M

It was early winter sunday morning.

FD2A43361 copyThey wanted to make their memories based on a winter fairytale. Foggy morning became sunny. Just as much as we needed, wanted for ourselves. It was really cold, eventhough didn’t seems like, but their love made us all warm. I enjoyed so much. It was great pleasure to be part of that love. It all had sense. FD2A4354FD2A4359FD2A4367FD2A4426FD2A43752FD2A4364FD2A4369FD2A44283FD2A4386FD2A4388FD2A4392FD2A4401FD2A4406FD2A4420FD2A4403 FD2A4404FD2A4414 FD2A4418FD2A4423FD2A4424FD2A4436FD2A4475 46FD2A4460FD2A4463FD2A4441 FD2A44705FD2A4471FD2A4447FD2A4449FD2A4446 FD2A4485FD2A4494FD2A4487FD2A44927FD2A4512FD2A4516FD2A4519 FD2A4520FD2A4524 FD2A4545FD2A4544FD2A4542FD2A45508FD2A4562FD2A4553 FD2A4573FD2A4574

D & M, thank you for beeing patient, for your warm love and leting me to be part of your beautiful story. It was really amazing morning and great pleasure to be with you two. I love you and can’t wait for our next meeting.

All best. With love,


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